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The Rules of Attraction- Rule #1 Become a Bigger Fish in a Smaller Pond

The Rules of Attraction Series: Part One of Fourteen Practical Rules to Help Get the Right Clients, Talent and Resources to Come to You


The Body Crank Ready for the World

I new invention that is ready to launch 

Looking for manufacturing resource. Update: Manufacturing is secured. Looking for Distributors, 2 spots taken. looking for 4 more in USA. Canada and Mexico are still open.

Darryl McDonald – The Formula for the Future

Darryl McDonald – The Formula for the Future – YouTube.

ideaApp – NDA secure, Game Changer for Inventors

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Is New Product Development a Rat Race!

Don’t just spin your wheels.
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Spinning Your Wheels

Inventors use the tools provided in this blog to DIY patent and market research.

Inventor Beware

A story that may be thirty years old is still true as ever of how an Inventor can be ripped-off. 

Inventor of Post-it Notes Approached by Publishers to Tell the Real Story.

“Post-it Notes” may be a famous trademark owned exclusively by 3M and recognized throughout the world, but it was not originally invented by 3M, contrary to the ads. It was, in fact, invented by Alan Amron in 1973. Court papers clearly document the invention’s time line (Amron vs 3M entire original Federal complaint click here: Federal Case Index # 97-CV-7281-TCP/MLO, Amron vs. 3M, Minn, Mining). Now, more than three decades later, the truth is coming out.

 New York, NY (PRWEB) February 9, 2011

This year, on the 30th anniversary of the Post-it Notes invention, publishers are now courting its original inventor to tell the real story of how this little item has become an indispensable part of modern society. 

 Going back to the year 1974, inventor Alan Amron was selling and giving away samples of his newest creation at a trade show held at the Americana Hotel in New York City. Amron called this item “Press-on Memos,” the same sticky notes the world has since come to know as “Post-it Notes”. The world has been told this is a product straight from the innovative minds of the 3M company; it says so in their television ads. “Nothing, however, could be farther from the truth,” says Amron.

Amron says 3M executives were impressed with his sticky notes product when they saw it. He had worked out the technical details, including, but not limited to, the formulation of the rubber cement — both adhesive enough to stick, but not so adhesive as to leave a mess. Amron gave 3M executives samples and documentation of his Press-on Memos. They gave him their business cards and told him he would soon be contacted. No such contact was made, so he called them. He was then told that after careful review, the creative 3M engineers felt the product could not be made without gumming up the machinery and that it would be too expensive. Amron thought the deal with 3M was dead in the water.

But apparently, as Amron observed, 3M was more impressed than they let on or “some extra creativity was infused upon the already creative minds at 3M in the intervening years. 3M employed their ingenuity and corporate might to not only solve the formerly-insurmountable technical and cost problems, but also to claim the product was their own.”

All this has been laid out in court documentation, Amron vs 3M entire original Federal complaint click here:

Federal Case Index # 97-CV-7281-TCP/MLO, Amron vs. 3M, Minn, Mining. But because Amron was just one man with very limited resources up against a corporate giant, Amron ended up settling out of court for a fraction of what Post-it Notes have made 3M to this date.

Amron has since invented numerous products and he feels the time has come to set the record straight for his invention “that almost every civilized person on the planet has used to make life a little more convenient.”

Closer examination of the settlement reveals that Amron is free to claim that he invented “Press-on Memos”, and he is also free to license or manufacture his invention as he made it 37 years earlier, though he is not entitled to any of the money 3M has made from “Post-it Notes.”

There is nothing in writing preventing 3M from claiming they invented Post-it Notes, so 3M continues to publicly claim they invented Amron’s invention. This is what Amron finds disturbing. “Life continues as normal for 3M, and they continue to be the mythological company of innovation they portray on television and glossy ads, and saying it often enough makes it true in the eyes of an information-overloaded culture.”

So now the 62-year-old New York inventor is coming out as the “original inventor” of press on sticky memo. “Turns out, this corporate giant can’t legally prevent me from telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.” And, apparently, publishing companies are finding Amron’s truth compelling. The interest he’s generating has publishers courting him. He hopes one day to see his story in book form, where it will trump what he calls “the great 3M marketing fiction.”


Use Qualitative Research For The “Why”

Use Qualitative Research For The “Why”

August 20, 2012 J. Nolfo Market Research

When I first started blogging in October 2011, I had an idea of my first several weeks of postings.  Since that time, I have written on things based on something I have seen, read, or experienced.  This week’s post is a great example.  A few days ago, I was reviewing my Twitter roll while I was out at a meeting and saw this gem from focus group moderator Shaili Bhatt.  I almost hate to admit that I almost missed it.  In my blog last week, I talked about how quantitative and qualitative research methods do not need to be mutually exclusive.  However, the methods both have reasons for picking one over the other.

As a researcher or someone looking at needing research, understanding what is needed for the particular project is key.  The point made in the tweet is nearly perfect.  You want to use qualitative research to understand the “why’s” and not the “how many’s”.  And this is not just for your customers, but also for potential customers and lost customers.

The “why’s” are just as important as the “how many’s”, maybe even more so based on the stage of the product’s life cycle.  Qualitative research can help you understand:

  • -Why customer buy your products
  • -Why potential customers buy your competition over your services
  • -Why customers see features as important
  • -Why your target market might like one advertising program over another

There are other types of questions you can answer in qualitative studies like focus groups and in-depth interviews, but all the questions should be subjective in nature versus objective.

These are just a few examples of how qualitative research should be used and why you would consider using it over quantitative methodologies.

How could you use qualitative research in your business?

–J. Nolfo helps companies understand their market and customers though a variety of market research strategies. He has over ten years of experience of market research for strategic planning purposes. He is the Director of Research at Rhino Market Research. He shares his thoughts about market research and business concepts with his blogPensare…Understanding Market Research in Business. If you would like to discuss this blog or how J. can help you understand your market and customer needs, email him at jnolfo@rhinomarketresearch.com.

via Use Qualitative Research For The “Why”.

A documentary crowdfunded by Kickstarter

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LinkedIn Co-Founder Reid Hoffman on “The Start-Up of You” – Video

LinkedIn Co-Founder Reid Hoffman talks about his new book, “The Start-Up of You” and how to become a better enterpreneur in today’s world

Click on this to see video: Reid Hoffman on “The Start-Up of You”



Response to Inventors for American Manufacuring

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