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Barbi Honeycutt and Cake Saver / Slice N Stand

The Slice-n-Stand is designed to keep leftover cakes slides standing upright during transport, delivery, and storage. The stand fits into a standard cake storage container to provide support to the leftover slices of cake. The stand is designed to prevent the cake slices from slipping, sliding, and tipping. The “L” shaped stand includes an adjustable “hinge” which can accommodate different sizes of cake slices. The hinge locks into place to keep the cake slices stable. Additional hinges can be added to provide support for multiple and varied slices of cake. When the party is done and the guests are headed home, there always seems to be leftover cake. Usually you might wrap the slices in plastic wrap, but that makes a mess and the icing sticks to the plastic. Or, you might use storage containers, but usually this means stacking the slices on top of each other, crushing the cake, and results in the need for cleaning more dishes and storage containers. The Slice-n-Stand keeps leftover cake slices upright and prevents the cake from slipping, sliding, and tipping. No additional storage containers or plastic wrap is needed to keep the cake fresh and in tact. The Slice-n-Stand is designed to fit into a standard cake storage container, so after the party, you can just slide the Stand underneath the leftover cake and keep it safe and in tact while you return home or store the leftovers for later. If you want to keep a small portion of cake, the Slice-n-Stand adjusts to accommodate these slices using a specialized ‘hinge’. The hinge locks into place to provide additional support.

Listen to her pitch on My Cool Invention click here

Cake Saver

Barbi Honeycutt made it on this show. She is one of the inventors from my UMI Inventors Meetup Group and one of my clients. She got a 94% Thumbs up from the listening audience. She has more views and shares of her show as shown on Facebook then any other for her week and for the month of January.Thanks for your support.


SpirInCo Presentation

SpirInCo Presentation.


OUR VISION: Nurture and guide the expansion simplicity, efficiency and sustainability of construction with SpirInCo configured buildings to revolutionize the way businesses and families prepare for and accommodate growth.

OUR MISSION: We will use our patented building techniques/configurations to enable businesses and families to quickly and inexpensively enlarge their buildings as needs change.

Lead the value-add proposition for continuous improvement and new technologies in green sustainable construction.

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The Body Crank Ready for the World

I new invention that is ready to launch 

Looking for manufacturing resource. Update: Manufacturing is secured. Looking for Distributors, 2 spots taken. looking for 4 more in USA. Canada and Mexico are still open.

Finger Blade, Invention — Indiegogo.

Finger Blade, Invention — Indiegogo.

Hello, I’m John Young a 47 yr old inventor, married with 2 children. I have a totally new way to open boxes and cutting.

Finger Blade is the hands free way to work uninterrupted. Finger Blade straps to your index finger and has a support guard against paper, card board cuts. It has a self retracting blade for safety. It speeds up the process of cutting by allowing both hands to be free at all times. No more stopping to reach, look, or pick up a dropped cutter. And best of all, no one can walk off with it.
I work at a department store stocking shelves and got tired of stopping every time I need to cut the box open. So I went home and designed Finger Blade and took it to work the next day. It worked better than I had hoped and my coworkers were impressed with it. My supervisor said I should pursue it and get it on the market, because our company would buy them and replace the standard ones. The increase in productivity alone makes it worth it, not only that our company buys boxes of the standard cutters weekly to replace lost or dropped standard cutters.
 And Ive had the same one since April of last year, because it goes from your finger to pocket when not in use. So you have savings on replacing lost cutters, and an increase in productivity because you can use both hands to work, unlike the standard cutter where you hold it in one hand and work with the other, or set it down to later look for or put it in your pocket to reach for again and again. This is the merit and value of it.
I only have the prototype now and CADs and sell sheet but have had the interest of utility knife manufactures. I had an offer to license it to one of them but turned it down because they wanted 6 months to make design prototypes to test the market and after the 6 months they could have said no for any reason. Also during this 6 month time frame, I has to agree not to contact any other companies. I felt that that was too much time to have it tied up to be able to say no thank you later.. Hind sight is 20/20 they say. Maybe I should have taken the risk.
I have a Provisional Patent Application that is due to expire in July of this year. So I need your help to get a Non Provisional application and manufacture them and sell them. I have the connections to make the sales and have the interest of the largest U.S. department store chain.
$5.000 will go for the patent and the other $45.000 will be for manufacturing and storage, packaging, shipping. I have done the research and this figure can get my first run on manufacturing.
I come here to you, because in the past Ive been ripped off by Invention submission companies. I cant trust them and think its a shame they can prey on inventors hopes and dreams and continue to stay in business. By helping me you will be helping people get jobs they need.
Go to the link at the beginning of this article and help by contributing to this invention.
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Wing Shot Game for License

All product devlopment and supply chain ready to go!
Launch the Finger Rockets at the game board into the scoring pouches. You pick your own point total and set your own rules to win.

Target and "finger darts"

Target and "finger darts"

Write in the shower with The Droodle; License Avaliable!!! Contact AVA

License Avaliable "The Droodle"

Hula Lounger License Available

“The Ultimate Party Oasis”

Finally, a water  lounger  that doesn’t  require  you to be a gymnast in
order  to use it. Starboard Creations is
pleased to introduce the
“ USA Patented” Hula Lounger™.
1200 units ready for private labeling. Reasonable terms.

From party coves to backyard get-togethers;the accommodating features of the Hula Lounger make it an attractive product  that provides hot tub style seating in virtually any water setting. After easy storage,the Lounger can be quickly deployed and enjoyed by all. When finished, simply collapse the Lounger into its bundle and

• Non-Puncture Lite Foam • Four-Person Capacity• EasilyCollapsible

• Beverage Holders• Comfortable Upright Seating• Easy Entry & Exit

• Compact for Easy Storage

1200 units ready for private labeling. Reasonable terms.

Contact Kevin Armstrong at

This is an invention by Bruce Kania of Montana. Over 40 patents have been filed and granted.

World’s largest floating wetland to boost lake water quality while branding Rotorua

Rugby field-sized floating wetland on Lake Rotorua will help boost water qualityAnyone flying over Rotorua in the future will be in no doubt what part of the country lies below when they see the name ‘Rotorua’ spelled out in giant letters as part of a floating wetlands environmental initiative on the surface of Lake Rotorua.

What is believed to be the world’s largest manmade floating wetland should be ready to be launched on Lake Rotorua before the end of the year as a major environmental enhancement project to help restore the lake’s water quality.

It is estimated that the floating island will remove up to four tonnes of Nitrogen and over 1,000 kilograms of phosphorus from the lake every year.

This is an invention by Bruce Kania of Montana. Over 40 patents have been filed and granted. The island in New Zealand is a licensee of Floating Ialand International located in Montana USA. I am a Delphi licensor for them. Contact me if you are interested in this technology contact me.