SPIRINCO Spiral Incremental Construction

Front View

SpIrInCo Founder:

 James A. Lindsley

OUR MISSION: To use our patented building techniques andconfigurations to enable businesses and families to meet their evolving space needs quickly and inexpensively.

OUR VISION:: The EXPANSION SIMPLICITY and EFFICIENCY ofSpirInCo configured buildings will revolutionize the way businesses and families prepare for and accommodate growth.

Before we explain how SpirInCo revolutionizes expansions, let’s recall today’s world…

THE TYPICAL home addition ORDEAL…Bill & Sue Smith create a draft of a new master bedroom suite. They hire an architect to turn their draft into blueprints. After a few days and more than a few dollars, the architect realizes that property set-back requirements rule out their original plan. The Smiths will have to settle for a much less desirable alternative. After many weeks pass and a few other alterations to the plan have been made, the blueprints are finally ready. A couple of weeks later, several builders have submitted estimates and one of them is hired – perhaps not the best one, but the most available one.

Landscaping and a large portion of the yard are sacrificed so that trenches for concrete footings can be dug. Before that can happen, the buried gas and power lines have to be re-routed. The trenches get dug; and the city/county inspector is called. Before she gets there, it rains. The inspector doesn’t approve the trenches because the soil/clay in the trenches is soft. The contractor skims the inch and a half of mud from the trenches. He’ll now have to increase his concrete order – the first of many cost overruns. Eventually the inspector sees and probes the trenches when they’re dry and gives the ok to pour the footings. The concrete truck driver gets the Smiths to sign a release of liability in case the concrete truck cracks the driveway – it does. The concrete footings are finally poured. Foundation walls, waterproofing, and foundation drainage take a couple of weeks.

A portion of the roof and portions of some walls are then demolished. The roof and those walls are ‘tarped’ at night. This creates concerns regarding heating/cooling, pests, and security. A construction dumpster for all the scrap materials from the demolition and stacks of new materials usurp much of the driveway and parking. Tracking mud into the house becomes a way of life. The dumpster truck cracks the driveway more when picking up the full dumpster.

Wiring, ductwork, and plumbing will have to be extended out to the new addition. (Sometimes completely new, additional HVAC systems or water heaters have to be installed for home additions.) The ‘sprawling’ house will operate much less efficiently than it did in its original state – a lot of increased exposure for a small amount of additional space.

After 4 ½ months of noise, mess, numerous cost overruns, weather delays, and carrying groceries from the street through the mud because the driveway is full of construction vehicles [and don’t forget the dumpster], Bill & Sue can use their new master bedroom suite. After another 3 months, what’s left of the yard has mostly recovered and the tracking of mud is now just a bad memory.

There has to be a better way – there is!!!

(double click on image to see all 4 views)

Front View

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