I would like this to be an action blog. A “how to” to get new product ideas to market.

All disciplines for ideation, prototype, marketing, merchandising, supply chain management, IT software, logistics, fulfillment, market channels, manufacturing, venture capitalists are all encouraged to share and recommend services and ideas.

I love the excitement of bringing an invention to life. Seeing it in stores or peoples homes because I was able to help fulfill a dream. I want this blog to help others do this.

I also want us to share the wealth monetarily that comes from creativity. So use the blog to form connections to move UpWorldly.

One response to “About

  1. Pre-Patent Pre-Partnering and wisdom even Governments do not yet have, is found at http://prepatent.org in a coded way as it itself is a bigger invention then yours. Most modern way for Global Commercialization and Taxation are the key to making money from investments in new products, services and capabilities.

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