Amazing Inventions You Won’t Believe Exist

Photo Credit: Yanko Design

Humans have been inventing for more than hundreds of years and some inventions helped revolutionized the way we do things today.

There are some inventions that you don’t even know you needed and actually exists. In this list, some of the inventions are actually pretty useful while others are real head scratchers.

Here are the most amazing inventions that made the cut.

1. Reuseable Candles

Tired of buying candles that usually last a month? Luckily, this candle is for you.

Called The Rekindle, this invention collects the melting, dripping wax that otherwise might go to waste, and shapes it to form a new candle.

Pretty genius!

2. Umbrella With A Cupholder

Holding your coffee while holding an umbrella can be a difficult task.

What if I told you that there was an invention that can hold your cup of coffee while holding your umbrella?

Genius right?

3. Onion Holder

Tired of cutting yourself accidentally after slicing onions? Well, this invention could help.

Holding a comb-like instrument, it helps keep the onion in place so you can cut it perfectly.

Nobody likes bloody fingers.

5. Rotating/ Interchangeable Power Strip Outlets

Tired of the lack of space on your power strip? This invention is for you.

No more taking out power plugs.

6. Hourglass Traffic Lights

The design of the traffic light could soon change. Yanko Designs created a new design for traffic lights and it looks awesome.

The hourglass counts down the time left before the light changes. No more guessing how long that light’s going to be red.

7. Pizza Scissors

Pizza scissors could be the breakout invention of the 21st century.

This invention cuts perfect slices and is way better than a pizza cutter.

Oh and it comes with a spatula.

8. Smart Contact Lenses For Diabetics

This invention could save a life of a diabetic.

With these lenses, they can detect glucose levels via tears. If the glucose levels are imbalanced, then the color of the lens will change to make the person aware.

It sure beats having to draw blood every day.

9. Faucet Thermometer

Worried about the correct water temperature for your newborn?

This company was genius enough to invent a faucet thermometer so you can see the water temperature.

Take the guessing out of bath time.

10. LED Slippers

Are you the type of person that runs into a wall when the room is pitch black?

These LED Slippers will help guide you through the dark so you won’t hurt yourself ever again.

11. Umbrella Bag

Umbrella that doubles as a bag? Sounds like a woman’s dream.

Is this a fashion statement though?

12. Lego Key Holder

Tired of putting your keys in a bowl like a caveman?

If you have Legos lying around, you can glue it to the wall and add a hook to it.

Check out on how to build a Lego key holder below:

13. Lockable Mug

If you are the selfish person who doesn’t like to share their mug, then this is the invention for you

As advertised, this mug is equipped with a lock that only the owner can access.

No more stolen coffee mugs!

14. Ice Cream Lock

Tired of people eating your Ben and Jerry’s?

With this ingenious invention, you can lock the lid of your Ben and Jerry’s from the grubby hands of your co-workers/family/roommates.

15. Mirror Mist Wiper

Every morning is a struggle trying to see through the mirror mist after your shower.

Wipe away the troubles with this great invention.

16. Baby Bath Umbrella Hat

Want to protect your newborn from the chemicals of shampoos?

This cute blue bath baby umbrella hat is the prefect protection for your baby.

17. Inflatable Backseat Mattress


Calling all road-trippers (or people who really love their car)! Now you never have to leave the comfort of your vehicle while on the road with this inflatable in-car airbed and pillows. Had a long day of driving and need a quick snooze? Now you’ve got a comfy place to sleep in your backseat! Own a convertible and you and your lady-friend want to go stargazing on a clear, cloudless summer night? Yep, this one’s for you! The possibilities are endless…as long as it involves your car.

18. Bottle Opener Ring

A can opener that also serve as a ring?

The perfect gift for any millennial.

19. Twisted Fork For Grip

This invention was specially designed to keep your spaghetti from sliding off your fork.

20. Water Sterilizer For Your Fresh Foods

The WOW Water Sterilizer uses electrolysis to eliminate harmful bacteria in everything from fruits, veggies, kitchen appliances, as well as baby bottles and chew toys – all without chemical detergents.

Sounds like a dream come true for germaphobes!

Amazing Inventions You Won’t Believe Exist


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