The USPTO will host a two-day public meeting on patent quality on March 25 and 26 at our headquarters in Alexandria, Va. The Quality Summit will encourage robust discussions among USPTO leadership; patent prosecutors, litigators, applicants, and licensees; and other members of the public interested in the USPTO’s efforts to further improve patent quality through its Enhanced Patent Quality Initiative.

The USPTO is seeking public input and guidance to direct its continued efforts towards enhancing patent quality. These efforts focus on improving patent operations and procedures to provide the best possible work products, to enhance the customer experience, and to improve existing quality metrics. The USPTO has already set in motion several quality initiatives, including robust technical and legal training for patent examiners, as well as a Glossary Pilot, Quick Patent IDS Program, First Action Interview Pilot, and After Final Consideration Pilot. The two-day Quality Summit is one of many ways the USPTO is engaging with the public on this important effort.

Read the press release to learn more.


  1. I have now less respect for USPTO because its new directors ignore positive constructive input from wiser modern inventors who’s ideas were used in the past, but now the new directors are employing old ways of “lips and showmanship” where no real improvements can be submitted.
    We do not need to come to a meeting so to add our input in a well structured useful way.
    The nature of innovation is to offer better newer solutions, not stay or go back to what was in need of change.
    Note, that 50% of commercial new arts are not being patented… …and that it is the commercialization of new arts and growing commerce plus exciting economic developments which are the real reasons for the USPTO existence, not its self survival and supportive revenue while not functioning for us, modern, wiser inventors and investors.

  2. Your comment ” the real reasons for the USPTO existence, not its self survival and supportive revenue” is spot on.
    The USPTO neeeds to act more as a consumer friendly company and not a bureaucracy to put as many hurdles in the way to justify there fees and outraguous slow response time on patent grants.

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