Another step towards International Patent Protection

Below I have included the latest from USPTO Director’s Forum Blog.

  • What is the overriding undercurrent that is prompting these actions?
  • One could simply say “globalization” has changed the landscape. Globalization has changed the way products are introduced into the market place significantly; so we must change IP protection to keep up with the world market that has been created.

Or could there be something else?

Paving the Way Toward the Unitary Patent

Thanks to the tireless efforts of our colleagues in the European Union, and the leadership of Denmark, the last remaining obstacle to the Unitary European Patent System has been removed. Under the new system, innovators will be able to obtain patent protection and enforce patent rights in Europe at lower cost and with greater certainty, creating an optimal environment for growing innovation-based businesses and jobs. I applaud the tireless work of the European Union, and its members, in working toward this unified system—an important step in empowering innovators to compete in the global marketplace.

Coming on the heels of the 2011 America Invents Act, which is substantially revamping our own patent system and infrastructure, the Unitary Patent System will also bring greater harmony between American and European patent laws, improving trans-Atlantic trade, enhancing collaboration between our patent offices, and providing a more consistent global marketplace. This is an important milestone of which Europeans should be justifiably proud.”

We are constantly being told, when something in the economic climate changes, is to follow the money.

So I bring this up for debate, why the changes to America Invents Act and the EU Unitary Patent System?

Who do these changes benefit the most?    How do we follow the money?

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