Is a Writer an Inventor?

The answer is of course. 

We generally talk about patents when we discuss inventors, there is a tendency to view Writers and Artists strictly in the sense of copyright protection. I mean a story can’t be patented can it? So they aren’t truly inventors are they?

Here is an example of someone I consider an artist, an innovator and an inventor! Yes, an inventor. Meet Sheila Brown.

 Writer | Editor | Artist | Crafter | Sheila Lee Brown – Stories for Children.

I love her work.

3 responses to “Is a Writer an Inventor?

  1. Sheila does all the work on publishing her books. Sort of the supply chain for writers. Check out her website, she can help you get published.

  2. Thanks, Kevin! It’s always nice to know my stories are enjoyed by others.

    Love that you connected writing with inventing. I think you’re on to something. Many writers invent entire worlds to tell their stories in. And then they invent the characters, creatures, and crazy plot lines. A book is sorta like a mind-altering device, right? Might be fun to develop a silly CAD-style drawing for a story – I’m tempted to try. 🙂

  3. Interesting concept of writers as inventors. In the field of on-line environments, the worlds are converging.

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