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A documentary crowdfunded by Kickstarter

This is an example of how to get funding for your invention or any other idea you need to get kickstarted! This is a sample, but visit


“Shut up and take my money!” – The crowdfunding insanity!

“Shut up and take my money!” – The crowdfunding insanity!.

How to write a business plan.

A little help never hurt. A must for all inventors. As important as a prototype of your invention; is a well thought out business plan. You need to know the value of your product and your investment. If not how do you know you are making the best deal for yourself?

Blaming someone else for “you” making a bad deal is spilled milk. It’s already done!

First step:

  1. How much cash have you invested in your invention?
  2. How much sweat equity do you have in your invention?
  3. How much of a return should you get on these investments?

This video should help. Every invention is the beginning of a mini-business.


LinkedIn Co-Founder Reid Hoffman on “The Start-Up of You” – Video

LinkedIn Co-Founder Reid Hoffman talks about his new book, “The Start-Up of You” and how to become a better enterpreneur in today’s world

Click on this to see video: Reid Hoffman on “The Start-Up of You”