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The problem is the Mother of innovation and the solution is her child, the invention.

The inventor is from Romania. Interesting twist of innovation.

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RoofRack – final.avi

This is the final prototype of the foldable RoofRack. Even is a rough prototype, shows the basically features of this concept: the load is handled with no effort ( in this variant, each module weights about 15 kg, and the bike…

Wing Shot Game for License

All product devlopment and supply chain ready to go!
Launch the Finger Rockets at the game board into the scoring pouches. You pick your own point total and set your own rules to win.

Target and "finger darts"

Target and "finger darts"

Getting your invention to market. A little help from Brian McCarthy!

This is a simplified view of channel marketing. Review this and try reverse engineering your invention to fit this process. In other words define your channel and fit the presentation of your product to fit it, rather then the other way around. Many inventors have great ideas, but have not learned the basics of the marketplace. This YouTube presentation from Brian may help

An introduction to channels of distribution, by Brian K. McCarthy