Hula Lounger License Available

“The Ultimate Party Oasis”

Finally, a water  lounger  that doesn’t  require  you to be a gymnast in
order  to use it. Starboard Creations is
pleased to introduce the
“ USA Patented” Hula Lounger™.
1200 units ready for private labeling. Reasonable terms.

From party coves to backyard get-togethers;the accommodating features of the Hula Lounger make it an attractive product  that provides hot tub style seating in virtually any water setting. After easy storage,the Lounger can be quickly deployed and enjoyed by all. When finished, simply collapse the Lounger into its bundle and

• Non-Puncture Lite Foam • Four-Person Capacity• EasilyCollapsible

• Beverage Holders• Comfortable Upright Seating• Easy Entry & Exit

• Compact for Easy Storage

1200 units ready for private labeling. Reasonable terms.

Contact Kevin Armstrong at

One response to “Hula Lounger License Available

  1. Hello,
    I am the inventor of the Hula Lounger and would like thank Kevin for putting this great forum together. As many of you may know, inventing is the easy part. Getting the product licensed or brought to market by some other means is a daunting task at the least. One of the biggest obstacles is skepticism from both the licensor and any potential licensee. While there may not be much you can do to eliminate the skepticism from a company towards your idea, you can accrue a great deal of knowledge and encouragement from other inventors and trustworthy people through websites such as this that will provide insights necessary to negotiate what will likely be a very challenging journey. For all of you that know Kevin, I don’t need to say this. Others looking for a place to bounce product ideas and thoughts around should seriously consider taking part in this. -Matt H.

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