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I recently responded to the question: How will Patent Reform Act influence R&D Innovation? No matter if it’s good or bad, but what outcomes it may bring to R&D departments.

My answer:
Confusion on protection.
It becomes a roll of the die for the R&D department or inventor to decide if his idea has landed somewhere else. They may file a provisional and then not complete the full in time. I have had vendors pick my pocket.
So NDA the crap out of everyone and anyone in shouting distance of your idea.

In my experience the small business 10M a year and less don’t have the infrastructure to “keep their secrets, secret”. This also applies to the sole inventor. They tend to lack the discipline and funds that mid to large companies have in their R&D departments.

My first reaction (see my inventors blog http://upworldlymobileinventor ) was to scream and shout that this new law, would hurt the little guy. Those that will take years to go from idea to product, used prior art to protect themselves. That has been tossed out the window now, in the guise of quicker turnarounds and fewer disputes surrounding patent approval. It will take years to prove this to be true (5-8).

I advise my clients to instill a discipline and institute a SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) around new product ideas. The first being that 100% of employees and vendors sign strong and lasting NDA’s. This includes the trucking companies, soda pop, and office supply vendors. Any 1099 that comes into your company as well.

We have to understand that brainstorming sessions are not protected under prior art, anymore.

Medium to large corporations have already implemented steps to protect. One being to file quickly or hide their ideas strongly. I advise them as well as my smaller clients to keep potentially patentable ideas close to their “collective chests”

I advise my clients to not wait until they have “all their ducks in a row” before filing. You cannot hesitate as we could with prior art. Our engineering books are now to be used to help with the filing process; instead of the traditional prior art log. The filing date should now set the priority for R&D projects. I also strongly urge, demand, and beg that their legal and marketing people are on the same schedule.


Hula Lounger License Available

“The Ultimate Party Oasis”

Finally, a water  lounger  that doesn’t  require  you to be a gymnast in
order  to use it. Starboard Creations is
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1200 units ready for private labeling. Reasonable terms.

From party coves to backyard get-togethers;the accommodating features of the Hula Lounger make it an attractive product  that provides hot tub style seating in virtually any water setting. After easy storage,the Lounger can be quickly deployed and enjoyed by all. When finished, simply collapse the Lounger into its bundle and

• Non-Puncture Lite Foam • Four-Person Capacity• EasilyCollapsible

• Beverage Holders• Comfortable Upright Seating• Easy Entry & Exit

• Compact for Easy Storage

1200 units ready for private labeling. Reasonable terms.

Contact Kevin Armstrong at

Have a Voice in the Future


e-Commerce Alert: USPTO Survey Announcement

Survey to Identify Software Tools Used to Prepare and File Patent Documents

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is requesting your participation in an online survey to collect information about software tools used in the preparation of filing patent documents. As a valued USPTO customer, your opinions are important and the results of this survey will help in the future modernization of our e-Filing systems.

This brief questionnaire will require no more than 12 minutes of your time. All responses will be held in the strictest confidence. The USPTO would appreciate your response to the survey by 8:00 p.m. (EST) on October 26, 2011, at which time no further responses will be accepted.
To participate please click the link below:

Thank you for your time and assistance,

USPTO Office of Patent Information Management’s
Office of Patent Information Resources

If you have any questions about EFS-Web, PAIR or other e-commerce initiative, please contact the EBC Customer Service Center at 866-217-9197 (toll-free), 571-272-4100 or by e-mail at

This is an invention by Bruce Kania of Montana. Over 40 patents have been filed and granted.

World’s largest floating wetland to boost lake water quality while branding Rotorua

Rugby field-sized floating wetland on Lake Rotorua will help boost water qualityAnyone flying over Rotorua in the future will be in no doubt what part of the country lies below when they see the name ‘Rotorua’ spelled out in giant letters as part of a floating wetlands environmental initiative on the surface of Lake Rotorua.

What is believed to be the world’s largest manmade floating wetland should be ready to be launched on Lake Rotorua before the end of the year as a major environmental enhancement project to help restore the lake’s water quality.

It is estimated that the floating island will remove up to four tonnes of Nitrogen and over 1,000 kilograms of phosphorus from the lake every year.

This is an invention by Bruce Kania of Montana. Over 40 patents have been filed and granted. The island in New Zealand is a licensee of Floating Ialand International located in Montana USA. I am a Delphi licensor for them. Contact me if you are interested in this technology contact me.

New inventions make it to the market place and TV

New inventions and innovations fuel the economy and the mind. Keep the Faith! Notice the team effort to get the product to market. The supply chain of the inventor, engineers, marketers, project managers and investors.

I post this in memory of Steve Jobs, one of the greatest inventors and innovators of our era!

Check out the video below or the vodpod to the left