Hello world!

I have been in Manufacturing for 28 years. I have spent the last 14 years in bringing new product to market. I have participated in the design and marketing of over 800 new products. I started my own company a year and a half ago and have since worked on over 35 products. I work with inventors and companies that need help getting their product ideas off the drawing board and on to the retail shelf.

I would like this to be an action blog. A “how to” to get new product ideas to market.

All disciplines for ideation, prototype, marketing, merchandising, supply chain management, IT software, logistics, fulfillment, market channels, manufacturing, venture capitalists are all encouraged to share and recommend services and ideas.

One response to “Hello world!

  1. In an effort to explain the phases of getting a prototype for other inventors to compare to and discuss:
    Phase1 concept sketches ending in design review (2,200)
    Phase 2 refinement of idea (1,200)
    Phase 3 mechanical engineering (3,600)
    Base 4 FDM model used for evaluating and further design and further fine-tuning (400)
    Phase 5 database refinement which is the implantation of necessary changes and corrections of database (850)
    Phase 6 cosmetic prototype (TBD)
    Phase 7 database refinement of final changes (as needed)
    Phase 8 design drawing package using Pro-E database (1,800)
    Phase 9 tooling and production support (as needed)
    Phase 10 first article inspection. A full set of tooled parts and FDA prints ( as needed)

    These are basic descriptions which I have in greater detail for further discussion.

    I am currently in phase 3 when I have run out of money. The remaining process will be about 5000. I want to get to phase 9 because I won’t actually need a prototype since I intend on manufacturing myself and selling independently until I can get the idea sold.

    Any questions, comments, concerns, or useful advice would be most appreciated.

    Alana Pilar

    The website is for my company Portraits NOT Pictures, where we turn ordinary photos into painted portraits for 25$,

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